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Hemp Pain Relief Cream in Travel Size Bottle
The HempEez brand is focused exclusively on natural pain relief. We pair the highest quality hemp oil with naturopathic ingredients including menthol, peppermint essential oil, and arnica to create magnificently effective natural, local pain relief.
Earth First Botanicals sources and sells only the highest quality organic oils available today. We are mindful of our environmental impact. Our products are packaged in 100% recyclable containers and are always BPA-Free. When possible, we choose glass over plastic and use paper for packaging.
Organic Jojoba Oil
All Natural Shave started when my brother had a recurrence of melanoma. That was when I decided to pay more attention to the things I was putting on my skin including my shave soap, pre-shave oil, after shave, and cologne – all of my shaving supplies.With this in mind our goal is to produce the highest quality, natural and organic artisan shaving supplies available anywhere. We know it will be difficult, and we look forward to overcoming many challenges. Basically, we’re obsessed with natural health and quality.

About us

Kristi & Gary Schertz

We started our journey to spreading the message of natural, organic products in 2015  when we started All Natural Shave. With Gary's ideas and Kristi's knowledge of biology and environmental science we began our journey. From there we started offering single-ingredient organic cosmetic oils through Earth First Botanicals. This is where things really started gaining momentum. Our first hit product was organic castor oil, filling out our line with domestic Jojoba Oil, and Argan Oil imported directly from Morocco - the only source for Argan oil on Earth. By the time we stepped into  hemp seed oil based product we had the experience with third party marketplaces to scale much more quickly. Hemp seed oil was a resounding success almost immediately. When we formulated the hemp seed oil based pain cream with menthol and other naturopathic ingredients, we were not prepared for the response.

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Kristi and Gary