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Kristi & Gary Schertz

"Our north star is relieving suffering. We work to organize everything we do around that central goal."

They started their journey to spread the message of natural and organic products in 2015. After someone very close to Gary was diagnosed with melanoma on their face he began thinking about what may be introduced into his system through the shaving process. With that in mind they set out to develop a line of organic shaving products that would be free from the questionable chemicals found in so many cosmetics. With Gary's idea and Kristi's knowledge of biology and chemistry they began their journey. All Natural Shave was born.

From there they started offering single-ingredient organic cosmetic oils through Earth First Botanicals. This is where things really started gaining momentum. The first hit product was organic castor oil, filling out the product line were domestic Jojoba Oil, and Argan Oil imported directly from Morocco - the only source for Argan oil on Earth.

By the time they stepped into  hemp seed oil based product they had the experience with online retail to scale quickly. Hemp seed oil was a resounding success followed by a powerful hemp seed oil based pain relief cream with menthol, peppermint essential oil and other naturopathic ingredients. The response was a resounding, "YES!".

As Oak Valley Digital grows they continue to hunt for new products and opportunities to relieve human suffering both proactively and reactively. If you think you have a product they should consider, contact them by email at newproducts@oakvalleydigital.com or call (855) 451-3013.

Kristi and Gary